Prepare to Lead the Future with Training for an Innovator Mindset

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Throughout the e-course, your teams stay motivated with captivating videos, interactive "knowledge checks," downloadable workbooks and an option for community conversations.




The Innovator Mindset E-Course:

What Your Teams Learn

  • 1


    • Welcome to Your Beautiful Future

    • What You Will Learn in this E-Course

    • Your E-Course Tools and Resources

    • Survey Instructions: E-Course Assessment

    • Survey: E-Course Assessment

  • 2

    Skill 1: Imagine Your Future

    • How to Create an Image of Your Desired Future

    • How to Energize Your Image of the Future

    • Quiz: Imagine Your Future

  • 3

    Skill 2: Define Your Creative Quest

    • Why Do You Need a Creative Quest?

    • How to Create a Powerful Creative Quest

  • 4

    Skill 3: Ignite Your Values

    • How to Use Stories to Ignite Values

    • How to Apply Your Values to Choose Your Future

  • 5

    Skill 4: Build Your Team

    • How to Build a Team that is Creative and Practical

    • How to Flow between Creative and Rational Thinking

    • Quiz: Build Your Team

  • 6

    Skill 5: Navigate Turbulence

    • How to Talk about the Turbulence Your Team Experiences

    • How to Build a Collective Story to Ground Your Team

    • Quiz: Navigate Turbulence

  • 7

    Skill 6: Pause Consciously

    • How to Connect to the Present Moment to Enhance Team Clarity and Collaboration

    • How to Tap Your Mind's Innate Creativity

    • Quiz: Pause Consciously

  • 8

    Skill 7: Listen Generously

    • How to Connect with Others by Listening with Empathy

    • How to Listen Generously to Understand Your Marketplace

    • Quiz: Listen Generously

  • 9

    Skill 8: Gather Your Insights

    • How to Observe Your Market

    • How to Transform Your Observations into Market Insights

    • Quiz: Gather Your Insights

  • 10

    Skill 9: Test Your Prototype

    • How to Create Your Prototype

    • How to Test Your Prototype with Your Market

    • Quiz: Test Your Prototype


Innovation Expert

Michael Perman

Michael Perman is an experienced innovation leader and master-level facilitator. He has fostered innovation mindsets for a wide spectrum of brands and companies including Levi's, Banana Republic, Adidas, REI, Pottery Barn, Hyatt and Google. Michael's book CRAVING THE FUTURE, provides innovation stories and practical advice on how to develop creativity and methodically plan for the future. On a personal note, Michael is devoted to regenerative design and culinary arts through sustainable practices. His specialty is working with seafood and herbs. Michael lives in Portland, Oregon on land previously occupied by the confederated tribes of the Grand Ronde including the Kalapuya.

Culture Catalyst

Alicia Korten

An award-winning author and national speaker, Alicia leads values-driven culture initiatives. Her books include Values Ignite, Values Sustain and Change Philanthropy (a Wiley publication), winner of the Axiom Best Business Book Award. Growing up in several culturally diverse countries, after receiving her degree from Brown University she traveled to Costa Rica on a Fulbright Scholarship to write her first book. Inspired by a three-week trip to Panama, she extended her stay for several years to work with the Kuna, Embera and Wounaan Indigenous Peoples. From their ancient cultures, she learned powerful methods for building community. She founded Orange Grove Nine, and a sister company called The Culture Company, to apply her life's learning about what creates culture to develop thriving values-driven organizations. Clients include household names like Levi's, the United Nations and the Ford Foundation, and fast-growing companies like Mary's Gone Crackers. Alicia lives in Arlington, VA, a community of front porches and neighborhood games, with her husband Lorne.

Orange Grove Nine

Are You Ready to Step into the Grove?

Orange Grove Nine's mission is to wake up people and organizations to shape and unify--at all levels of society--a juicy, values-driven future. We provides a unique portfolio of experiences and strategic consulting that merge conscious culture with values-led innovation to help organizations prosper during times of turbulence. The orange grove is a symbol of creative abundance and awakened purpose--your juicy organizational future.